You are welcome to join this experiment at whichever level resonates for you. The narrative heart can be expanded, certainly, but so can the rest.

The following moves are suggested:

  • Total gain should be non-zero and positive. (I know that sounds insane, but I'm a moral optimist.)
  • Keep the code simple. Complex scripting can discourage participation. Rather, let's focus on the play.
  • On the other hand, emotion generated by browser cul-de-sacs and machine interactions can be cool. Common denominators can and should be complexified.
  • Add narrative; add visuals; add meta.
  • Play the space between the forms with an aim toward relationality.
  • Welcome new kinds of tension that emerge from within that space.
  • Please add the project marker to your tags so that web bots can index participation.
  • Link your chapter to any or all other chapters according to whatever logic feels grounded and expansive.

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