The In-ter-val is a hybrid webnet project.

The project begins as a play on the desire for connection and authenticity, and as an exploration of the themes of technology, particularly the internet, and of relational forms, such as games and art.

The two primary influences are Japanese cell-phone novels and the Surrealist's Exquisite Corpse.

This current iteration is brief (Stem 1 and Stem 2): the project remains incomplete unless the audience becomes the author.

If you find yourself in a navigation cul-de-sac, you'll get past it by engaging the structure more directly. If you're not sure how to do that, these links might be instructive.

If you find the In-ter-val engaging, please contribute. The code from both content and display can be copied, tweaked, and then re-uploaded to independent servers. To participate, some simple rules are suggested here.

The In-ter-val will evolve. First is to plant the seed.

Thank you for exploring the In-ter-val.